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    Havana Club

    A haven of luxury for cigar lovers

    Located in the heart of the Nobila hotel, near the airport, in a prestigious district, The Havana Club is an invitation to live an unforgettable experience. This exceptional cigar club offers a warm and soothing atmosphere, ideal for connoisseurs and cigar lovers. Immerse yourself in an elegant universe, where a meticulous selection of cigars and rare spirits awaits you.

    A refined and peaceful atmosphere:

    At Havana Club, we have created an intimate and luxurious space for you to enjoy your cigars in peace. Our club is designed to offer a calm and warm atmosphere, with comfortable armchairs, neat decoration and subdued lighting. It is the perfect place to relax after a long day or to celebrate a special occasion with friends.

    An exceptional selection of cigars:

    Our humidor is stocked with an impressive range of premium cigars, sourced from the best plantations in the world. Whether you prefer a Cohiba, a Montecristo or a Romeo y Julieta, you are sure to find the perfect cigar to accompany your moments of relaxation. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you and introduce you to the art of cigar tasting.

    Des spiritueux rares pour des accords parfaits :

    Beyond cigars, Havana Club is also renowned for its exclusive selection of rare spirits. From vintage whiskeys to exceptional rums, including the most refined cognacs and armagnacs, our menu invites you to discover new flavors and enjoy unique taste experiences. Let yourself be guided by our sommeliers who will be able to offer you the most harmonious pairings with your cigar.

    Attentive and personalized service:

    At Havana Club, our priority is to offer you exceptional service. Our dedicated and passionate team is at your disposal to meet your expectations and ensure a tailor-made experience. Take advantage of our exclusive events, such as private tastings and meetings with producers, to enrich your knowledge and share your passion with other cigar lovers.


    The Havana Club is more than just a cigar club; it is an essential destination for lovers of luxury and refinement. Come and discover our universe where every detail is thought out to offer you a unique and memorable experience. Book your place now at the Havana Club and dive into a world of flavors, relaxation and conviviality

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